November 30, 2017

The Firn Line Podcast: Mindful Mountaineer

Hey all! Its been a while since I posted anything proper, and I have a huge backlog of photos from a variety of sporting action since I last shared action shots in July 2016. Hope to get things uploaded once I have picked out the gems.

This post is pretty much just a heads up about a cool opportunity I got through participating in Evan Phillips' Firn Line podcast to share about a few of the climbs I have done in Alaska, with a bit of contextual background as to how I ended up doing some of the fun climbs I've gotten on in Alaska.

Evan Phillips is a talented musician and long time climber who has recently been pouring a bunch effort into developing a totally unique podcast that incorporates his thoughtful approach to life and a bunch of his music.

Evan seemed most interested in exploring topics related to a solo climb I did on Mount Hayes Southeast face back in 2013 in less than ideal environmental conditions, as well as free soloing in general.

Here is a link to the podcast if you're interested in checking it out.

There are a whole bunch of awesome episodes. So far my favorites have been Charlie Sassara and Carl Tobin.

Enjoy, and I hope things are freezing up wherever you live.