April 2, 2014

Cabin Updates

I finally took some time off of work to ski and run, allow some catch up on sleep. Spring is finally here and though I am working for the next few months it will be much easier to get out. Ryan and I are hoping to head back to Kyrgyzstan in the Fall. I need to train. I have 12 weeks until I graduate from doctoral internship with Alaska Psychology Internship Consortium (AK-PIC). Then all that stands between me and graduating is my dissertation. I am proud to report that I am feeling more motivated lately and have been putting some work into it. 

A few highlights from the week:

Corky, Lars and I deciding on our lines on Captain's Chair - Photo Corky Still

Our lines on Captain's Chair

Quick stop before second half of Captain's Chair back to the road

Here are some updates on what the cabin looks like these days -

Sleep loft/storage with guard rail to prevent visitors from falling down

Main living area

A typical Spring morning at the cabin

You can see here that we have been cleaning the bark off the logs  and sanding them to prepare to re-chink the cabin's interior for a cleaner look, less dust, and better heat containment.

Dining area + front window

Linen closet above bed & tall bedroom window

Tool storage, bookshelves, & view into the living room - You can see here that these logs are only partially cleaned and not yet sanded at all.

The new bed - a queen, and its off the floor for more storage space underneath!

The bedroom

On another note, Ryan Johnson and I are talking about heading back to Kyrgyzstan for another battle with some of the Kyzyl Asker area's fine unclimbed ice and mixed routes. I'll update as I know more.