November 16, 2012

Trying to Find Balance

Lucky Man

After days of sitting in the basement working on stuff for my old research job it was time to get out for a quick solo of Lucky Man in Portage. Finding a balance between my outdoor pursuits,  social and spiritual life, artistic desires, trying to be a useful member of my community, and my work commitments has been a great challenge of the past few years. 

Too much focus on any one aspect of life tends to leave other areas untended. I end up feeling like I'm not really doing a particularly good job at anything in particular. I have had to pare down my climbing life to expeditions without a lot of time out in the mountains in the off season. A ridiculous amount of physical training without the important mental complement of consistent climbing time outdoors has left me somewhat doubting myself, my stoke, wondering whether I am still really a climber - all that falls away when one has air under one's feet, on rope or otherwise - knowledge of self simultaneous with the unknowing of possibility, doubts and fears sharing space with belief and hopes for life and for the future...

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