July 24, 2012

The Setnet Blues

Photo: M. Scott Moon - Peninsula Clarion

The plan was to go commercial fishing and make a nest egg of cash to stretch through the winter while I work on my dissertation following my return from our  Kyrgyzstan trip. Unfortunately, a low King Salmon run in the Kenai and some dubious mechanical counting and management by our local Alaska Department of Fish and Game have resulted in all eastside Cook Inlet setnetters being shut down thus far this season, with a total of three days fishing on Kasilof side and one day on the Salamatof side. All this while drift gillnetters fish every day, the bag limit for sockeye has increased for sportsfishermen, and dipnetters harvest hundreds of thousands of fish. Area setnetters have protested and rallied around the above issues, clamoring for a more equitable distribution of the year's sockeye resources. 

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