June 7, 2012

Shattered: An Honest Portrait of Alpinist Steve House

This short film surprised and inspired me in a couple ways. First, its honesty and thoughtfulness around serious climbing. Second, Steve House's honest sharing about the base fears that have both driven him in climbing and in life - I was surprised to learn that the basic existential fears that drive Steve in his life are my own - that I will never deserve love. Bravo Tyler Stableford on this short film.

2012 American Alpine Club Research Grant

I just found out that my doctoral dissertation research project is a recipient of a 2012 American Alpine Club Research Grant! My dissertation project is titled Emergency Behavioral Health in Wilderness Situations: A Contextual Examination of Needs and Suggested Protocols for Behavioral Health Emergencies in the Backcountry. I will be working on this project with the guidance of my dissertation committee for the next year. Stay tuned for updates, website design, and participant recruitment as I move forward.