February 6, 2012

Puerto Rico and AK Adventures Dec 2011 - Jan 2012

A few photos from Puerto Rico, DC, and Alaska this December - January. Many adventures were had, no dragons slain but solid peaceful adventures in wild places with great company were the theme.

The Tusk as seen flying from Bethel to Anchorage.

Aaron Thrasher getting rowdy on a Thanksgiving ski day.

The Museum of the American Indian. I went to visit my grandmother for about 5 days in early December and had the chance to check out this museum among others. 

Outside Barranquitas, Puerto Rico, the Oracle Tree sheds light on future possibilities.

My friend Altaira and I gave presentations to local schoolkids about Alaska! This is one of the classes at a Montessori school in Aibonito.

Altaira Wilhelm and friend Ricky Lopez mid adventure in El Junke, a most beautiful rainforest.

Navigating a boulder bridge over a deep gorge climbing up the Rio Blanco's waterfalls. I spent about 5 days exploring Puerto Rico's incredible canyons with Altaira, Ricky, and on my own.

Continuing up the Rio Blanco.

A view down the slippery adventures behind us with hopes for a path through the next section..

Viejo San Juan at night, outside the walls.

At the top of the highest communications tower on the highest point in Puerto Rico in high winds. We also went surfing and trail running throughout Puerto Rico.

Back in Alaska, skiing and climbing adventures replaced water and land sports. On New Year's eve, Altaira and I skied up Summit Creek to the old mine. When I was young, this building was mostly intact. It is now returning to the earth. 

Out in the Chugach, one of several days skiing on 
Harp Peak.


Yukla and friends from Harp.


Spurr from Harp on a different day.

Rachel Steer and Alex Wilson's dog Amber on baby O'Malley. 


Altaira on another day in Hiland skiing powder.

Ben Chriswell on yet another day in Hiland before I drove back to Fairbanks to get started on research and dissertation work.


  1. Pleased to know your travels have been safe, fruitful, and full of adventure. We met in D.C. My name is Caleb Thomson. I hope your grandmother is well. Keep climbing those heights and reaching those peaks!

  2. Dude, Caleb, Specialist Thomson, good to hear from you. When you coming to visit? You are welcome anytime my friend. Somehow I don't have your contact info. I hope to see you again one of these days. Sam 001.907.529.6728.


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