November 10, 2011

Mount Moffit Northeast Ridge Attempt 2011 - Video

Our attempt on a giant line on Mount Moffit this past July. We didn't climb it but still had an 'interesting' time what with the choss, stove flying into the abyss, bad weather,  a bushy hike out, and a river crossing in an overloaded packraft. Reminder to self: Next season, pursue objectives with splitter granite. I don't think I'll be going back to the Northeast Ridge of Moffit, a bit too much steepish choss this year. Not saying I won't return to my chossy roots, or course. Thanks to our friend and family, Gore Tex Shipton Tilman award and BD for their support.


  1. Also thanks to Rob Wing for the drop on the Trident Glacier moraine strip!

  2. U got coords for where rob landed you?
    We going up NW ridge in May


  3. Hey there, don't have coordinates but maybe 8 - 10 miles down glacier on the W side there is a moraine that has a small creek running parallel to the direction of the main glacier. It has a long enough flat spot to land and take off in a super cub.

  4. Sorry, that should read 'perpendicular' to the direction of the main glacier.


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