October 5, 2011

All Alaskan Neacolas Expedition 2011 - Video

This is a video of our 2 week climbing expedition into the remote Neacola Mountains of Alaska. We completed two first ascents during the trip which was plagued with bad weather. Thanks to Aaron Thrasher and Ben Chriswell for the awesome companionship through the storms and climbing. We completed a new route called Where's the Gas (III 5.8 AI3) on Mystery Mountain and another called Last Bastion (V 5.10 A1) on a peak we called the Dogtooth. Music from Alaska musicians Rebecca K. File, "With Salt," and Double Aught, aka Operation Overlord, "Speed Racer." This trip was supported financially by the American Alpine Club McNeill-Nott Award and with gear from Black Diamond Equipment. 

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  1. Great video, thanks for sharing. What clothing did you use? I'm not alpinist, but I think it is something special. My brother using his polar expedition parka for extreme weather conditions. Because it is very important to be warm and comfortable.


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