April 20, 2011

More Thoughts on the CAI Discussion

I have spoken with quite a few friends about the recent Krakauer publication, some of whom who have also spent time in Pakistan and believe in the mission of Central Asia Institute (CAI). The bottom line is, whatever else has been happening, that CAI has been doing wonderful work and helping many, many children access education. The Krakauer book is quite impactful in many ways - however, it barely draws upon any sources that could be considered supportive of Greg or CAI, choosing instead to focus almost entirely on sources which are critical of Greg's story and the organization. It seems that there may be some significant issues in financial management and the governing structure at CAI - but the work of CAI is far too important to ignore.

Update: April 21st - Link to Outside interview with Greg regarding the allegations brought against him and  steps that CAI has been taking to address issues relating to financial interdependence within the operations of CAI. 


  1. Which follows Krakauer's general method of using character assassination to make his money, er, case...

  2. Can't say I disagree there! I hope that whatever happens that CAI finds a way to continue the positive work that they have been doing. For a long time I thought I would like to contribute time with them, and hope that will still be a possibility for the future.


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