February 18, 2011

IAA Creative Outreach Digital Story for HIV/STD Prevention

I just got done participating in a really cool three and a half day STD/HIV prevention digital storytelling workshop with RurAL CAP as part of my work with Interior AIDS Association related to the UAF-UAA Joint Psychology Ph.D. program. Certainly, the best part of the workshop was sharing stories with the other participants. Some of the personal stories were incredibly powerful, especially those of two HIV positive, strong Alaska Native grandmothers. I hope to be able to provide a link to the other participants' stories when they are posted to the RurAL CAP website. The other participants are proud to share their stories. In terms of public health related conferences/workshops that I have been to, this offered immersion and the opportunity to be quite creative. I post it here because I share a little of my personal journey from full-time climbing into the helping professions.

Interior AIDS Association Creative Outreach Digital Story from Samuel Johnson on Vimeo.

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