January 27, 2011

Peninsula Ice Exploration

Andy and I headed down to check on a couple project areas I watch on the Peninsula. We didn't find as much ice as we hoped, but did get a couple good days in trying to make new lines go in the -20 F conditions. Ultimately we were shut down as a hoped for multipitch mixed line ended after two pitches of easy mixed and grayish alpine ice in a pile of alders - and again when the second pitch of another line showed us it would need some serious cleaning and possibly bolting to make it go. In the end, we ran out of time - but there is always next year, and perhaps things will form up reasonably again. Pics are limited here due to project nature of the climbs we we checking out...more to come if they get sent later this season...

Moonrise somewhere near Moose Pass.

The two pitch mixed line from afar. The second pitch needed some cleaning. Combined, this would make for a nice climb when complete.

Climbing a short pitch of vertical ice in search of new mixed... in -20 F. Alas, not enough time to clean and possibly bolt it. Sometime...

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