January 11, 2011

Maui Wowie

Wendy and I just had a great trip to Maui, an entirely new place to me. Tomorrow, off to climb in the Chugach with Andy Sterns!

Here are a few pics from our trip. Highlights were trail runs up 10,000 foot Haleakala and a cool trail loop we ran from Wainapanapa to Hana and back, as well as hanging out with friends and various modes of water play.

A humpback surfacing off the coast near Kahului.

Wendy dropping into the crater on a fun 13-mile trail run up across Haleakala crater from a lower trailhead, finishing on the sliding sands trail at the summit visitor's center at 10,000 feet. We hitched from there back to the car at the lower trailhead. A great day out!

 A funny sign at a beach along the Hana road where we went surfing and snorkeling.

Have you seen our beachballs? They're about THIS big.

Rugged coast at Nahiki.

In camp at Wainapanapa, near the black sand beach.

Wendy doing her yoga on a cliff above the Pacific Ocean, mid trail run from Wainapanapa to Hana.

A fishing hut mid trail run between Wainapanapa and Hana.

The view of the violence and textures in moving water from the sea cliffs we ran along between Wainapanapa and Hana. We definitely recommend this outing!

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