December 25, 2010

TT 43

Yesterday was a nice day out in quite cold conditions on TT 43, the cryptically named highest peak in the Turnagain Pass area. The snow conditions were a little beat due to wind, but it was still a fun ski. Here are a few photos from this gorgeous cold day out with my sister Sally, Cortney Kitchen and Tobey Carman.

Skinning toward the upper steeps on TT 43. The initial goal was the narrow couloir left of the summit, but AM problems with skin glue in the -15 F temps kept us from topping out so we skied our line of ascent through the funky snow features just right of the summit.

 Booting up the final couloir below the summit ridge in firm conditions.

Nice midwinter light as we approach the ridge.

Cool snow fins shortly before we started skiing.

Sally and Tobey ready to launch from our transition ledge just below the ridge on TT 43.

Cortney starting out the long run on TT 43, getting first dibs on turns off our transition ledge. All in all, a good day out!

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