December 5, 2010

Slovak Direct Video, Time to go Climbing!

Well, folks, its that time of year again. We finally have something that looks like winter around here in this odd season. It is by far the warmest winter of our three (in process) Fairbanks winters. The coldest nights we have had in our neighborhood have barely broken the -30 F barrier.

Finals time will be desperate for the next 11 days, after which it will be time to climb and ski quite a bit. I've been so busy I've barely been doing any cardio, but I have been doing a lot of plastic pulling the in the hopes that we will find some good conditions for ice and mixed in the lowlands or alpine in Southcentral AK. I will hopefully be climbing and skiing with Ryan Hokanson for ten days or so prior to the 29th, then going to Hawaii with Wendy for a week, and finally hanging out with Andy Sterns in Southcentral for another ten days or so in January. I am looking forward to the break but at the moment need to have my blinders on and plow ahead on the last schoolwork of the semester. If anyone is looking to climb or ski, be in touch.

I watched this video again recently: Jesse Huey with my buddy Mark Westman doing a repeat of the Slovak Direct on the South face of Denali. Enjoy, hope it gets you psyched up to go climbing too...

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