December 23, 2010

Skiing, and The Day the Dog Disappeared (Again)

I just spent a few nice days down at our cabin at Summit Lake on the Kenai Peninsula with my sister Sally, Ryan Hokanson, Cortney Kitchen, Tobey Carman, and three dogs. 

All in all, it was quite a nice trip, with a mini solstice party and a full lunar eclipse. One late afternoon, however, my dear Jenny dog had a conniption, and decided that going down the mountain wasn't a very good idea despite coaching from all of the humans in our group. After much talk, while peering up the mountain from the bottom of the run while she yipped and barked, it was decided that she would be OK overnight and that it didn't make sense to head back up in the dark while not knowing if she would come down voluntarily anyhow. So, aside from her adventure into Cook Inlet last summer trying to find me while commercial fishing, it would be safe to say that Jenny had the most exciting day she's had since I inherited her last February from Robert Boeckmann.

About to head down at sunset near Summit Lake.

The crew getting ready for another nice ski run.

The view out toward Turnagain Pass and the arm, from the top of 'Clive' Peak, as named by our family. I guess this peak is called 'Templeton' on the CNFAIC website Summit Lake map.

'Clive' Peak from the Seward Highway with the nice bowl/couloir run and tracks, and Jenny's chosen bivy spot where she dug a ledge and spent a night. The below video is Jenny's bivy ledge and her eating a giant pile of food and broth we brought her the next day. To top it off, she successfully overcame her conniption and had a good ski run the next day (with some coaching)! Enjoy...

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