December 16, 2010

More Ice

A visit to Avalon Falls and the Alaska Rock Gym made for a fine day...but no camera!

Here is Sherrie's post on our Avalon day. I kind of felt bad because this time around, Avalon wasn't that icy and we spent most of the journey to the crux pitch kicking steps. Being Ryan's first time on the route, I think we all hoped to treat him to something special, which Avalon often is. Despite the snow, there were still 4 or so really nice steps of significant height that we all soloed. Then, we roped up for the crux pitch which took a few minutes to climb. At the top we decided that heading down from above the crux was better than slogging snow for another thousand feet to the good descent. In a nice year, it would all be ice and we would have been jumping for joy to tag another thousand feet of low angle water ice. But, instead, we rapped and downclimbed and headed to Pizza Man in Eagle River for a schooner and a snack!


  1. okay Sam, what's the deal with Avalon Falls? Is it okay to go out there or does the landowner not like it?

  2. Hey Austin, thanks for checking in on the site. As far as I know, the issue is that the approach crosses private property and as such it is important to be as respectful and quiet as possible. I spoke with a landowner last time I was out, and that particular landowner was just excited that climbers found something to climb in the area. But I don't know if this person was the landowner in question.

    The best course of action I can recommend is to talk with Richard Baranow as he is by far the most informed about access issues in that area of the Chugach. I can't guarantee that you will get any beta as this one is held close to the chest, but you might get enough information to make a decision you can feel comfortable with.

    At the moment, it is pretty damn snowy up there, but still a nice route.




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