December 26, 2010


Had another good day out with Charlie Renfro, Sally, Ryan Hokanson, and Kristy DeYong exploring Tributary, uphill from the Hope cutoff (we thought it was Frenchy's). We didn't find wonderful snow conditions but we did have a nice day out nonetheless.

Tributary in relation to the Seward Highway just South of the Hope cutoff.

Sally and Ryan down low, headed up while we still hoped for good snow. Alas, just the bottom 500 feet of the real skiing had good snow, much of the rest having a strong windcrust with sections of the Thanksgiving rain crust rearing its head as well. The terrain on Tributary is actually pretty nice, and we would've been very happy skiers in better conditions.

We were peering across toward Turnagain Pass and remarked that that run over there sure looked nice. Then we realized it was the peak we skied just the other day! This view shows a little of the grandeur of the terrain on TT 43. We skied down right below the arrow down the couloir about 4,000 feet to the flats near the car at the East fork Sixmile Creek bridge. 

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  1. great pictures!!! looks like a phun time was had by awl....shrek.


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