October 13, 2010

Interior Ice Exploration - Drier Than Expected

Andy following on a nice piece of ice that we assume was previously climbed by the late Keith Echelmeyer who did quite a bit of climbing in the area. 

Andy and I getting ready to rap off the likely Echelmeyer route.

Andy topping out on a short piece of ice at mile 207.9 on the Dalton. We called this Majorly Minor (WI3 tiny). I'm sure it has been climbed before.

Sister to my Sorrow on the Northwest face of Mount Dillon.  Quite run out on the rock section at the top. 

Sister to my Sorrow (WI3 M4/5X 45m)

Getting started on Sister to my Sorrow


  1. Sweet! When was this? This October?

  2. Hey John, yeah it was this past weekend. Thanks for checking in, quite interested in the Gym Jones scene actually, though I am pretty much committed to grad school at the moment. Sad not not find the possibility of the area in realized form, but we had fun nonetheless.


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