August 26, 2010

Sam and Wendy Eklutna Adventure

Wendy and I coordinated for a fun 4 day trip in the Chugach. We biked out to the junction of the Eklutna Lake trail and the East Fork trail, then bushwhacked on animal trails up through small cliffbands on the South side of Stiver's Gully to a basecamp on the moraine between Bold (7,522') and Bashful (8,005') Peak. We put in attempts on both peaks and came close to the summit of both, and overall had a really good trip and caught some wild scenery in the heart of the Chugach. 

Wendy approaching the Stiver's Gully approach on the East Fork trail through the initially healing aftermath of the 2010 Eklutna Lake Fire.

Our basecamp below Bashful Peak's North face

A nice shot of me by Wendy high on Bold Peak's West Ridge

Mist on Bashful Peak's West Ridge high above the Eklutna Valley

Gorgeous cloud as we search for a path down from our basecamp back into the Eklutna Valley to find our bikes and head back to town...


  1. hey, I totally saw you coming down Bold that day, my friend Paul and I were on our way up. small state! looking forward to the presentation next tuesday

    -wayne pence

  2. Hey Wayne, thanks for the comment. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the show too. Can't wait to get back down and play in Chugach!



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