May 3, 2010

Copp-Dash Inspire Award

Jonny Copp and Micah Dash were super talented alpinists and activists who devoted a large part of their time, effort, and energy to establishing world class alpine routes in many different places as well as being advocates for important causes. Last summer, they were caught in an avalanche on their way to another big alpine project in China. It was a huge loss.

I met Micah in the Trango Towers in 2005 when he and his friends Nick Renan were going for a single push ascent (in a day) of Eternal Flame on Trango Tower and we were warming up for our ascent of Severance Ridge  on Trango II. I met Jonny in Talkeetna with his friend Kelly around the time they established Going Monk on a peak Kelly named after their lost friend, Bruce Andrews. 

Recently I was informed that Ryan and I won an inaugural Copp-Dash Inspire Award, an award dedicated to the pursuit of hard alpine first ascents and the sharing of experiences with others in the age old format of storytelling. These were two areas Jonny and Micah excelled in. It is odd to have that tangible connection to them a year later. It feels like we are bound to do our best to carry their spirit into the mountains with us and do our best to share our experiences and vision for the alpine in new ways. Click here for the 2011 application.

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