July 17, 2009

Tatlanika and Rock Creek Bouldering Tour

Wendy and I headed out to explore the bouldering areas of Tatlanika and Rock Creek along the Parks Highway the last couple of days. There is a lot of excellent rock in the area, far more than I imagined. Much of it is undeveloped, but Tom Ellis and others have put in a lot of work cleaning and developing many boulders. The rock is quite monolithic, with few features and often small footholds. We had a great time exploring and got on a lot of different problems. Neither of us sent anything personally difficult.

Above: Wendy trying to decide whether to commit on Welcome Home (VO) on the Welcome Boulder in the Tatlanika boulders (Parks Hwy MP 272).

Left: The nice-looking harder problem Darth Mal (V7) on an unnamed boulder at Tatlanika.

Right: A cool dihedral project (?) on the Highballs Boulder in Tatlanika.

Left: Another cool looking project (?) on the Highballs Boulder.

Right: Topping out on a fun problem on the Welcome Boulder at Rock Creek (Parks Hwy MP 261).


  1. Ha ha cool - I spent a few sessions in there with Tom or Frank Olive. Nice little reminder. Maybe you have already, but check out the little limestone outcrop about 2 miles off the Parks on the Denali Hway. Super wicked 12a/b ? and incomplete proj. And the bouldering between the river and the Parks just north of Parorama is sweet. some big boulders in there. Enjoy!

  2. Hey Dan, thanks. I LOVE the Tatlanika boulders and am hoping my fingers are a little stronger this year so I can send some cool stuff. I am also excited about the boulders across the river at mile 220 and interested in checking out the Byers Lake granite bouldering too. I will only be around for about 4 weeks of the summer, but perhaps we should get out?

  3. Hey I am glad you found the area and were able to have a good time. If you want to hook up this summer and climb let me know. Tom Ellis 505-508-7953. I will be around from may 20th to sept 28th.

  4. Hey Tom, thanks for the comment. Funny the only post getting comments on an 'alpine' themed page is the one on bouldering. Look forward to hooking up. I will be around Fairbanks June 10-21st, August 1-18, and August 23-onward. Sam 907-fivetwonine-6728


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