July 27, 2009

Summer in Alaska

Events this week: Went to an awesome rainy wedding at Spencer Glacier. Our friends Britta and Ian got married there along with their brave, cold relatives from other areas of the country. Ran Lost Lake trail with my bride and oldest friend Rune. The running conditions were pretty perfect, really, for AK kids such as ourselves (50 degrees, drizzle). Wendy then headed back to Fairbanks, and Rune and I went down to Anchor Point to fish with my father. We caught a bunch of Halibut, then went home (Rune to Hope, me to my family's house in Anchorage). Then the dog and I went back to Fairbanks and ran up Mount Healy along the way. I didn't take a lot of photos that week but a few are posted below. Wendy and I also recently ran the Granite Tors trail in its entirety which made for a nice afternoon.

Right: Wendy hiking loads in to the wedding ceremony at Spencer Glacier after hopping off the train.

Left: The old man and the sea. Funny how dad seems most at home out on the water. Kind of like me and mountains!

Below: Two porpoises that made a habit of swimming around the boat while we were fishing.

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