July 12, 2009

Some Grapefruit Bouldering

I have been going out to Grapefruit Rocks to hit up the Fruit Loop bouldering circuit a bit this summer, and have enjoyed it. It seems that there is a lot more rock to clean up and climb on out there, but the Fruit Loop problems have presented a great developed option to get out and pull on some rock. There is a nice mix of developed problems from VO (many) to V6 (Harry Potter's Magic Wand) with a few projects sitting around waiting for someone to climb them.  The 'Tom Ellis Project' looks hard, with super small holds. My finger strength seems pretty abysmal at the moment, but hopefully this bouldering will tune me up. Here are a couple photos from Grapefruit.

Wendy warming up on a nice crack before our bouldering session.

Right: Me on Eeyore's problem (V2)

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