May 31, 2009

Summit for Someone- Alaska 2009

From May 16-25th I worked a contract for Alaska Mountaineering School with another guide, Seth Hobby. We took three people with Summit for Someone out to Kahiltna base camp, did several climbs, and taught many mountain-related classes. The photos here are illustrative of the climbing portion of our trip.

Above: Clients David and Ed make their way up the East Ridge of Mt. Frances (10,500 ft). Peak 12,200 (Lisa Peak) is directly behind the ascending climbers. Another client, Darren, ascended the Southwest Ridge (IV 5.8) of Frances with Seth.

Below: Making our way up Control Tower (8,700 ft). We had the clients take much of the responsibility for decision-making on this climb, with backup from us.

On our last day, we climbed up onto Annie's Ridge (8,500 ft) from the Kahiltna proper. We used all of these climbs to teach practical mountain skills, and the clients left Talkeetna with a bunch of new tools for mountain travel and climbing.

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