February 10, 2009

Family Update

The Sailors-Johnson family update: So, my stepson Tommy was in town staying with us for a couple weeks. We had quite a few laughs over the course of that time, and we got reminded of how fun it is to have a kid around the cabin. Tommy and I watched a few bloody guy movies together, too, so that was pretty cool. Last weekend, Wendy drove back to Anchorage to drop him back there to resume life in Anchorage. We are definitely missing having Tommy and Allie around, even though our cabin is tiny. Now it is packed even when they aren't here, because we are full time owners of two dogs, the 14-year old arthritic would-be princess Tia and our new arrival, the two year-old Sterling! Lively times. Now that Tia has begun taking Rimadyl for her arthritis, she spends a lot more time being large and in charge while she and Sterling are playfighting in the yard or in the house (about 1 1/2 hours a day). This weekend we will be heading back to Anchorage to see one of Allie's basketball games and to spend some time with family.

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